• In case a child will need to be transported to a near hospital the following procedure will be applied:
  • The administrator will immediately call 911 and be on the phone until help arrives. A teacher will go with the child in the ambulance (child’s file will be taken) and remain with the child. The administrator will be contacting the parents by phone. If parents can not be reached immediately an emergency contact, provided by the parents upon enrollment, will be contact. The administrator will keep trying to contact the parents until reached.
  • During walks or field trips, First Step will always make sure that all the emergency cards are up to date and present. A designated person will carry a small first aid kit. The administrator will make sure that all the necessary supplies are checked monthly.
  • Signs of locations for first aid and health care policies will be posted in each classroom.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

Health Consultant: Marylou Sauro H. 617 969 9577 C. 617 291- 4819

Fire department: 911

Police: 911

Designated adult: Robert Rossi 617 784-7953

Poison control: 617 232-2120

Mt Auburn Hospital: 617 492-3500