• We always make eye contact when speaking to a child
  • We are firm but kind
  • We set direct and simple limits
  • We are always aware of our language and tone
  • To reward appropriate behavior
  • We start the day reviewing classrooms rules.
  • If a child is involved in a temper tantrum he or she we be allow do so.
  • A staff member will stay with the child and continue to speak in a calm and kind tone to the child.
  • A parent will be contacted if the child does not calm down
  • We will remove and distract a child from the situation
  • We will use a time-out as last resource. Time out will be a minute per age no more than four minutes.

First Step will never

  • Use verbal abuse or corporal punishment
  • Deny food or drink to a child for punishment
  • Punish a child for soiling or wetting clothes
  • Use physical restraint
  • Isolate a child
  • First Step will always encourage positive reinforcement